Smelly Penis: Causes, Other Symptoms, Treatment, and More - Strange smell from penis

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Smegma refers to a buildup of moisture, oils, and skin cells around the shaft of the. Most of the time, regularly cleaning the penis will keep odor to a If a person suspects balanitis may be the cause of a bad smell, they should.

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By Samujin - 13:48
It isn't unusual for your penis to have an odor. But if you feel like the scent has changed or grown stronger, it may be a sign of an underlying.
By Shaktik - 06:30
Let's say you wake up one morning and notice a smell coming from your penis. What's causing it? Why is it happening? And what should you.
By Mok - 15:18
Your penis may be smelly and sore if you do not wash often enough, you start to smell; prevent easy foreskin movement; become a breeding ground for bacteria cause an unusual white, yellow or green discharge from the tip of your penis.

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