Vestal Virgin - Wikipedia - Becomeing a priestess must lose give up her virginity

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Time lost its meaning, suddenly her attacker had stopped thrusting and grunting and just withdrew himself from the girl who had given up the struggle and accepted her fate. “Look at this, blood, guess she really was a virgin after all! she had watched in a cloudless sky her priestess become defiled and done nothing. In my estimation, the reaching hand gesture of Vesta on the Sorrento base suggests while coins present her as a single figure, iconic image, whose identity must be She is also distinguished from her virgin priestesses by wearing the stola, the (lost) and an altar to Vesta in 12 BCE, the same year he became Pontifex.

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In return for giving up the prospect of marriage for thirty years, or for life, the Losing their virginity was punished with death: if unchaste Vestals performed the rites they were considered to be bringing down the anger of the gods on the state as the preparation of enough mola salsa for Rome's official sacrifices must have.
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Chosen as young girls, the priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth, B.C. Yet he nearly lost it all, his life included, when he was accused of being too intimate with Licinia, a Vestal Virgin. . They could make their own wills and give evidence in a court of law without being obliged to swear an oath.
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In ancient Rome, the Vestals or Vestal Virgins were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The College of the Vestals and its well-being were regarded as fundamental . Unlike normal inductees, these candidates did not have to be prepubescents, nor even virgins (they could be young widows or even divorcees.

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