Plastics used for food storage and cancer-cancer myth - Cancer Council - Plastic and breast cancer

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An endocrine disrupting substance known as bisphenol A (BPA), that is used greatly in the manufacture of. Depending on where you live and work, you're likely to be exposed to many plastic products every day. Food and beverage containers, some disposable plates.

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By Arashilabar - 16:09
I would have thought that the horrifying prospect that by half of us will face cancer at some point in our lives would bring cancer charities together in a.
By Tular - 21:08
Stop eating plastic, molecular signaling of bisphenol A in breast cancer. Shafei A(​1), Matbouly M(1)(2), Mostafa E(1), Al Sannat S(1).
By Kagajas - 18:31
There is no convincing scientific evidence to suggest that plastic bottles could cause cancer.

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